Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Socks

The current (and maybe permanent) status of my sock
So, this past weekend I celebrated my birthday by buying more yarn.  "Yes, I know I make yarn!" I told my husband as he grimaced at the idea.  "It's just nice to have more for my stash."  The idea of adding more yarn to my stash turned his grimace into a scowl.  He should by now know that these facial expressions are quite useless when I have my mind put to something.

One thing I have never done is knitted a pair of adult socks.  I've done infant booties, but never socks.  The idea of using three or more needles intimidate me.  I'm comfortable just using a pair, cable needles or cirucular needles.  I would have never intended on doing socks if it weren't for the yarn I came across while shopping.  It was Patons Kroy Sock Jacquards but I loved the colors in it. It was my most favorite colored skein in the whole store.  Well, if I was going to buy it I needed to make what it was intended for.  Along with the socks I purchased my first set of sock needles (which I prefer bamboo if anyone needs to know).  I came home and got the kids settled and started away.  I casted on the number required once, messed it all up and took it apart.  I stared at it starting to wonder if I really could do it.  Then I decided to start again making sure my investments went to good use.  Sure enough, I got it!  I did the simple rib stitching for about 8 inches like the pattern said (or so I thought it did).  When I was ready to proceed further I noticed the patten only called for the ribbing to go three inches.  No biggie, I figured I would just make them longer.  So I trudged on and now the pattern I'm using makes no sense at all.  It's a Paton's pattern from online and I either should not be making socks or I accidentally have been checking between two different patterns.  The pattern keeps telling me to slip last st onto next needle.  Okay, first there is no last st.  There are about 8 of them.  Secondly sl onto what next needle?  The next set that needs knitted?  That's what made sense to me and that's what I did.  At the end I had 8 stitches sitting on the fourth needle of my three needle pattern.  I would assume this is part of the heal and I would ignore it and flip the thing over and work in rows for a bit but it's still telling me to work in rounds.  I found a helpful website and kinda left it at that.  We'll see if I decide to pick it back up or if it's going to end up in my RIP project pile.

Creek Stone Merino Yarn
Other than that, things have been humming along with my other projects.  The creek stone merino was spun and listed.  I debated on keeping this hank because it came out so squeezy.  I reluctantly parted with it knowing I would be sorry if I kept every skein I make.  I didn't have time to show you the regular, "Here it is, it's finished!" before it was sold.  I shipped it out this morning and I hope it's new owner enjoys it along with the other goodies sent.  I really do enjoy putting a package together.  I like to make it a present for whoever is going to open it.  Oddly, I hate wrapping presents.

Zeke's hand dyed yarn, single ply

Zeke dying his merino roving

I also got a couple more batches of yarn dyed, and some spun.  Zeke actually helped me dye one night.  I gave him four ounces of merino to do whatever he wished with it.  I personally liked the colors in his the best. I've spun one batch up that I did and I have his on my wheel.  I have the first ply done and I'm almost halfway through the second ply but it's been a little too busy for spinning.  I also think the very cold weather and ice outside has to do with it too.  I can't seem to get myself motivated.  Hmmm, now to think of it a fresh pot of coffee sounds great right now.  We were almost out of coffee this morning so I didn't get to brew much.

Well, I should go see if the hubby needs help putting away the groceries he came home with.  I noticed he got a box of chocolate donuts in which my reply was, "Why do you always get food that makes my butt grow?".  His reply was to hand me two donuts, one for each cheek.

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