My R.I.P. Projects

Whenever I get into a project, I am excited about the outcome.  A lot of time, consideration and planning goes into each thing I create.  So, when something goes terribly awry, it can be heart wrenching.  Even greater when a large amount of time has already been incorporated into it.

So, I felt I should make a final resting place for these junked projects.  A proper Eulogy.  A place for me to fondly remember the struggles we had together and why they are exactly where they are.  I hope you can get a laugh out of these and I will keep this page updated as I go along, so check back often.

The start up of the second attempt
Excited at the progress
Realizing it was a goner
My first junked project goes to my beloved birthday socks.  I spent a good part of two days on you.  I learned not only how to knit a sock, but how to work with a large amount of needles at the same time.  I learned that yes, sometimes there is such a thing as too much knitting.  My fingertips couldn't keep up with you and my skin actually gave out from the constant poking of the needles which required band-aids.  You made for some great conversation and I will never forget some more memorable quotes, "Are you going to work on that all day?" - my husband.  "That ISN'T for me is it?" - my son, Zeke.  "How can you find that enjoyable" - my husband.  "Mmmmmm" - my son, Danny.  "If I knew you wanted socks THAT bad, I can go right now and buy you a pair!" - my husband (they don't get it, I have enough commercial socks).  I've also learned not to trust the fuzzy picture next to the pattern, and to read the pattern completely and try to visualize it.  I tried two different patterns on you and they both stunk.  I still hold on to your remains, high on a shelf where they beckon me to try again.