Monday, March 24, 2014

Decisions with Wool

It's finally spring!  I am very ready to garden.  The weather isn't cooperating and I'm not sure when it finally will.  Although I've started some seeds, they are calling for a possible snowstorm for tomorrow.  We've had a couple warm 50ish degree days popping up here and there but the last couple days it's been in the 30 degree fahrenheit range.  It looks so warm and sunny outside but once you step out it's a very cruel joke.

My daughter's loose leaf lettuce blend.
My two year old daughter helped me get my salad dish all started.  She put in the new potting soil, planted the seeds and helped me cover them.  A couple days later, they have all emerged!  She is really excited about this and talks to the pot daily.  I love this pot.  I got it last year at a local greenhouse called "Farmer Fred's".  It already had the lettuce all grown in it.  The size of the pot is large enough to accommodate a lot of different loose leaf lettuces at once.  It's deep enough for the roots but the pot isn't tall.  I love using it as a patio table centerpiece in the summer. I loved it so much I went back and bought a second for my parents. When we're outside grilling it's so nice to just grab a couple leaves, rinse them off and use them as a topping or a small side salad. Last years lettuce that Farmer Fred's grew was delicious!  I hope I have half as much luck with mine this year. I'll have to share pictures later on when it's out on the table in use (if it makes it that long)

This past week was busy!  Just errand type stuff.  We also had a lot of surprise guests who we haven't seen in a long time.  I had a blast visiting with them all.  I think everyone's trying to break this cabin fever feeling all ready even though the weather hasn't been the greatest.

My unnamed purple thick and thin merino yarn.
I've got the purple whatever merino all spun up.  I haven't done bulky thick and think yarn in a long time.  The wheel I use to make bulky yarn tends to be a bit of a pain to use.  It's nice but quirky.  Plus, I broke it while trying to reach for something up on the wall behind it.  I finally got around to fixing, cleaning and oiling my wheel so I can use it.  It turned out nice once I finished fighting with my wheel.

I've also got the urge to spin more wool.  I just got done doing a ton of lace weight alpaca for my aunt.  I've got a variety of different roving all dyed up and ready to go.  I dyed this up to list in my Etsy shop but it hasn't made it there yet:  
I'm thinking it would be perfect spun up for some fun socks?  I kind of already have it playing out in my head the way I want to ply the colors and match it all up.  We'll see if I can resist and get it listed or if it ends up on my wheel.

I'm also in a conundrum over a peachish colored roving I dyed up.  I recently did my first felted cobweb lace scarf.  I loved how I could manipulate the wool for extra texture.  I think the felted scarves that are all symmetrical with clean edges are pretty but the funky textured ones make my heart go pitter patter.  There's something about them that makes me want to have one in every color for every occasion.  So long story short, I'm thinking about using the peach roving I dyed for a cobweb scarf.  It's such a pretty spring color that will add a nice pop of color to any outfit.
My first cobweb lace scarf.
I think I'm going to keep it.
Peachy wool to be a cobweb scarf?

Too many decisions.  The only thing I want to do is wash up some wool to empty out one bin and fill another back up but it's too cold.  Please hurry 60 degree weather this weekend!

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