Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The boys are in nap and today has proven to be uneventful thus far.  Virtually no cleaning has been done.  The knitted cowl I was working on was taken completely back apart.  I wanted a slight twist in its style, like a mobius, but it was over twisted. Ugh.  I did get the cowl going again and I'm at about the same stage as I was this morning when I tore it all apart. Now it looks really good.

Other than that, I did get some spinning in.  I am very anxious to knit the finished project.  So far it's starting to look very promising:
The rest of what needs spun, a bag of wonderful cream colored alpaca!

The progress of spinning it raw on my wheel  Looking Good!
I've gone back and forth for leaving it a single ply or a double ply.  I would love to make a knitted wrap out of it so I think I may go with a double ply to give it a thick lovely drape. I'm trying not to rush it and  take my time.  I've had a couple shipments of other fibers come in since this has been on my wheel that I am itching to try out as well.  Luckily, I have not invested in extra bobbins for my wheel. Otherwise, I fear my spinning wheel would be surrounded by unfinished bobbins. 

The weather has been cold so it's been tough to stay motivated to do anything, or at least the things I should be doing instead of what I want to do.  I have my nephews coming over tonight and word has it we're finally going to be some snow tonight!  Not that I am a fan of snow but when you live in NE Pennsylvania and there's been virtually no snow and it's been so cold, it can get frustrating.  If it does start snowing tonight, I think some hot chocolate may be in order for the boys tonight.  Looking forward to the company of my sister.  I've taught her how to crochet before but lately she has really picked up on it.  I am so excited to have a fellow "hooker" ha ha!  If the boys and time allow, I may teach her how to dye yarns using kool-aid and food coloring.  If all goes well, I will get some pictures along the way to pass on a how-to tutorial in the very near future.

I must now turn off the laptop and get some cleaning done.  I would like to close this post with a current picture of our backyard.  There is little snow to be seen.  This is the most we've gotten so far this year.   By this time tomorrow I will hopefully have more to show you.  Keeping my fingers crossed that school will be cancelled for tomorrow!
Yes, I know my grapevines need pruned and the wheelbarrow should have been put away

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