Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days and Social Networking Sites

So, by today we did get our snow.   My sister had to get back to her house right after I watched her kids to try to avoid the roads getting worse.  Needless to say no dying of wool in kool-aid took place.  However, I am dying a small batch as we speak.  I am trying to take pictures accordingly and hope to have them posted by this weekend. Perhaps you are looking for a weekend project?  I'll give you a rundown of the materials you will need on hand in case anyone reading this would like to partake this weekend.

Well our backyard did transform quite a bit and I was surprised
The tent, it's much taller than myself.
to see that school only called for a delay instead of closing all together.  My eleven year old stayed home complaining of a stomach ace ;).  We pulled out a play tent they got for Christmas and set it up so they could play with it.  My eleven year old, Zeke, did a great job at putting his little brothers toys inside.  I feel this is mostly for Zeke's benefit to ensure he would be tag along free for an uncertain amount of time.

Our backyard Wednesday afternoon

Back to the dying.  I will try to get all this out and not be redundant when I actually post the how-to.  Any wool/animal fiber can be dyed with Kool-Aid and it will take just as well as commercial dye.  If you follow the correct use and care for wool it should never fade.  However, if you do plan on felting your project, like any commercial dye some fading will take place.  That's why I recommend felting it BEFORE you dye so there's no surprises at the end.  Unless you like surprises (I'm getting too old for surprises).  Okay, on to your materials list..

1)  Your material you want dyed (wool fiber, roving, top, yarn or already knitted/crocheted project) *Please make sure it is NOT superwash and at least an 80% or higher wool/animal fiber content in a natural off white or white color

2) Kool-Aid and/or food coloring.  I will use a pack of Kool-Aid for every two ounces of fiber

3) Vinegar

4) Stainless Steel Pot

5) Your stove top

6) Maybe a little helper friend.  It will be hot on the stove so use caution
A microwave oven can be used as well but I'm not familiar with that method as I prefer stove top

That's it! 

Chunky Crochet Woven Cowl To Be Posted On Etsy
As far as my other projects go, I really didn't get as far as I would have liked.  I am now two plying the alpaca yarn.  My knitted project got a little further.  I can't seem to get much knitting done when my laptop is on.  I like to read drama on facebook...I mean read important news articles.  In all honesty I'm not on facebook much.  I used to enjoy it until I read an article (I have no clue where I found it, maybe on facebook) on how we're raising a generation of whiners.  They were citing social networking sites as the biggest culprit making whining for attention the norm.  I snickered at the thought at first.  Later that evening I logged on to return some messages and glanced over peoples status's and sure enough it was mostly whining.  Now that I'm aware of that I find it more annoying than enjoyable.  If it weren't for the fact that I have a lot of great family and friends I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with as easy it would be gone.  Wow, now it sounds like I'm whining!

Cotton Colored Merino Hand spun yarn will be on Etsy but needs to be "set" yet
Hoping to get more items listed on Etsy by this weekend.  I have a cotton colored hank of hand spun merino and a cowl that has been about 95% done for about a month now.  I just can't get myself to finish in the ends.  I hate finishing ends.  Speaking of ends, it is very late and the kiddo's will be up very early.  I think it's time to put my whiny behind to bed. 

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