Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Snow Day and Another Listing

Mobius Cowl - 100% Mernio Wool, Handknit, Hand Spun and Hand Dyed
 Just want to let those of you who are reading this know I am still blogging! I know I haven't had a post in a few days. I really wish I had some great story to go with as to why I don't, but I don't. Maybe because of weather and MLK day this week, my eldest has only been in school two days this week? Yeah, I'll go with that one. As you can see from my status bar, I've made some progress and have had some failures. The chunky cowl was completely scrapped. I did not like the way it looked without being knitted on over sized circular needles (something I need to invest in). However, I did get a new cowl finished that I have listed. I have recently learned how to link the pictures if I need to, so if there is anything here that winds up in the shop you can find out by clicking on the pictures.

As I type this now, another storm has reached us! My eldest does not have school today. I'm sure he'll be excited to know once he actually crawls out of bed. Ahh, memories of snow days. I would remember laying in bed all night too tired to look out the window at the storms progress. I would try to gauge how much snow we got by holding my breath when the snow plow truck drove by so I could hear the amount of snow it's pushing around better. Although I did this often, it was never an accurate calculation. Every time my parents came up and down the stairs seemed like they were taunting us with the inevitable question, "Do we have school or was it cancelled?". The anger when we would find out school will go on as normal that day. We would curse out of earshot with juvenile words pointed at the bus drivers, principal and superintendent (whoever we thought made the final decision). We would question their intelligence because even though we did not have drivers licenses, we knew we had made the more responsible decision. On the other hand, jubilation when we had gained an extra day to ourselves! We felt like we had gambled against the system and won.

The Snowfall Very Early This Morning
An extra snow day meant a lot of things for me and my siblings as a kid. Of course the first is sleeping in. Just the fact that we could lie around in bed and actually wake up BEFORE we rolled out was great. Did you ever notice though, it's much easier to get out of bed early on a cancelled day than it is on a school day? I guarantee right now my eldest, Zeke, is laying in bed wondering each time I go upstairs to get something for the baby, if I'm working my way to waking him up. Today he will find out that is not the case. After we were up we would eat our breakfast and gear up to go play outside. We would meticulously bundle ourselves to ensure we would not get snow in our boots, up or sleeves, down our neck or get cold in any way. Even if this meant sifting through the cupboards and finding plastic bags (usually bread bags) to line our boots with. It was not because our boots were in poor condition but to guarantee once we got our snow fort built we wouldn't have to come back inside to warm up before we got a chance to play in it. We knew when we did come back inside there would be a snack of hot chocolate and peanut butter and fluff waiting for us. It doesn't sound like much but my mom is a great mom and knows that kind of stuff isn't good for a regular diet. If it was before Christmas, my mom would bring out a tub of felt sheets, glitter, rick rack, magnets, and other odds and ends for us to make Christmas ornaments while we had our snow day snacks.  If it was after Christmas we would work on our craft items that we had gotten for Christmas.  Like pot holder looms, woodburning kits, etc.  On the really special snow days, by the evening a fresh batch of home made vanilla ice cream was waiting for dessert. Not too many things in this world can beat the taste of home made ice cream.

As a mom I love snow days. Not because I don't have to wake up early. I'm always up early anyway. I like knowing Zeke is in bed, warm and comfortable. Catching up on good sleep. It's a nice slow paced morning. I can enjoy my coffee and catch up on the things I need to get done without cutting into the kiddo's time or keeping an eye out for the bus if Zeke is dragging his feet getting ready. Having all my kids home for the entire day and enjoying the extra playtime.

My youngest, James, taking his early morning nap.

Well, I myself, must start the day. I need to go through and make sure everyone has their boots, gloves, hats and snow pants are accessible. I also need to dig out the hot chocolate and fluff for later. A tradition I have carried on. Wishing everyone else out there a great Friday and a wonderful start for your weekend.

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